Installation Instructions

Download this the latest release package from the Recommended Downloads on the Downloads tab, save this file on your Sharepoint 2010 Server.

Open the Sharepoint 2010 Management Shell from the Start Menu on your server.

At the command prompt type the following replacing c:\kws\spweatherwebpart.wsp for the correct location.

add-spsolution c:\kws\spweatherwebpart.wsp

If the path to the wsp file was correct you should see the following:

Open the Sharepoint 2010 Central Administration site, click on the System Settings link

Click on the Manage farm solutions link under Farm Management

Click to open the spweatherwebpart.wsp item

Click the Deploy button and then the OK button on the following screen

At this point you'll need to run an IIS Reset by typing iisreset /noforce into a command prompt.

Now you should be able to edit any Page and add the SPWeather WebPart.

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