Editing Images and Styles

The Images and Stylesheet are stored in the Site Collection Style Library. Open the root site, and click on the All Site Content link in the Quick Launch bar.

Then click to open the Style Library under Document Libraries.

In the Style Library click to open the SPWeather Folder. In this folder is the StyleSheet named Styles.css. In the Stylesheet you will find classes for all of the different types of weather, not all of them contain attributes.

Here's an example:

background: #C0D9D9 url('/style%20library/spweather/images/2.png') no-repeat;
width: 64px;
height : 64px;

The images can be found in the Images folder.

Note: Please make sure you have permission to use the images. I have not checked-in the images as I do not have permission to distribute them.

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